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Promoting Cultural and Educational Exchange between Cyprus and the United States of America

Why a Friends of Cyprus Association?

“Friends of Cyprus” formalizes an already existing group of persons connected with Cyprus by ethnic affiliation or by interest in and support of the rich cultural heritage of the island. The group, in conjunction with the Honorary Consulate of Cyprus, Atlanta, has organized activities featuring Cypriot culture and its relevance to the American community; for example, in 2017, a shadow puppet show, Karagiozis, at the Atlanta Puppetry Arts Center, and the first ever Atlanta—Cyprus Tour.

Meet the Board and the first Executive Committee

Friends of Cyprus, now formally registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, was founded by Honorary Consul Polyxeni Potter. Demetri Mazacoufa is the Association’s invaluable Legal Counsel. The Association had its first Board meeting on January 27, 2018.

The Association’s Board Members are as follows:

Maria Ioannou Alberts, Mary Brown, Anna Lerios, Stella Michael-Makri.

Chris Michaels, Leo Modenos,

Polyxeni Potter, Sotira Yiacoumi.

The first Executive Committee was appointed by the Board as follows:

Maria Ioannou Alberts – President

Mary Brown – Treasurer

Stella Michael-Makri – Secretary

Call for Membership and Tax Deductible Donations

A Membership drive is under way. Cost of Membership is set at $25. Initial Membership fees were already used to start a Friends of Cyprus Bank account on February 22, 2018.

Make Friends of Cyprus your favorite charity

Tax deductible donations help Friends of Cyprus strengthen its status as a viable organization and support its mission of cultural and educational exchange between Cyprus and United States

Donate today!

Become a Member today – Why should you join?

  • Show your support for Cyprus

  • Sponsor and organize Annual Event with Cyprus Cultural program.

  • Create Cyprus Lecture Series in collaboration with local academic institutions.

  • Form student outreach and hospitality program.

  • Promote student exchange programs between Cyprus and the United States.

  • Increase Cyprus visibility and profile within the Greek community and within the broader Atlanta community to enrich international understanding and good will.

  • Sponsor, conduct, and manage historical, cultural, environmental, philanthropic, religious, and educational programs featuring Cyprus in the United States.

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