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Members of Friends of Cyprus are persons who appreciate and support the culture, environment, society, art, institutions, and other aspects of life on the island of Cyprus and promote friendship and cultural understanding within the American community.

Friends of Cyprus will hold and administer funds from gifts and membership fees to


  • Use for scientific, cultural, educational, and charitable purposes.

  • Promote public awareness of and improve public interest and participation in the environment, history, and heritage of Cyprus.

  • Sponsor, conduct, and manage events fostering historical, cultural, environmental, philanthropic, religious, and educational programs associated with Cyprus and promoting cultural exchange between Cyprus and the United States.

You can become a member for the year by donating any amount for the year. Please consider becoming a long term member by selecting the monthly or yearly option.

Or complete your membership form online here.

You may also download a printable membership form. For mailing address, please email

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